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Within MyMoney groups of assets are categorized as Portfolios. In the portfolio you can enter the purchase, sale, or other activities surrounding a particular stock. You can analyze the performance of a particular investment or your portfolio in general and conduct financial research via the Internet. Although it is similar to MyMoney’s Account Manager List, the portfolio is customized to group investments and display line items for each stock including the ticker symbol, latest price, and much more.

Creating Investment Portfolios

You can create a new Portfolio by clicking Add a New Portfolio link on the Portfolios Navigator and filling out Portfolio details

Column Heading Description
Name The name to display for this portfolio. (up to 100 characters in length)
Held At: Parent Investment Account
Tracking Code Optionally assign a tracking code for this portfolio
AbbreviationOptionally assign an abbreviation for this portfolio
Comments Portfolio comments (up to 256 characters in length)
Color Color with which the Portfolio will be highlighted in UI
Hypothetical Indicates whether trades on this Portfolio are real or not

Tracking Cash

Cash balances are tracked through a special Portfolio named Cash. It is not directly editable by the user. Instead, it is automatically debited or credited with the proceeds from recorded transactions for investments in Portfolios. For example, assume investment "AAPL" belongs in Portfolio named "Technology". When a purchase of $1,000 in investment "AAPL" is recorded, an associated redemption for $1,000 in investment "Cash" will also automatically be recorded. There are four types of transactions that will generate an associated transaction in the cash investment: purchases, redemptions, distributed distributions and investment expense.

Tracking securities you don’t own

To track a stock index like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or to track a security you don’t own, create a new Portfolio and mark it as Hypothetical. The purchasing or selling one or more securities in this portfolio will not affect your Investment Accounts cash balances.

My Money 2.0 Manual | Adding New Investment Accounts<<Previous | Next>>Investments Positions

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