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Use MyMoney investment accounts to track what you own in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other types of investments that fluctuate in price. Investment accounts let you track the performance of your investments, update security prices, and create tax reports that show investment income and capital gains.

Use this type of account If you invest in
Investment Account One or more securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds) for which you want to track a cash balance

in addition to the securities themselves (for example, a collection of investments through a brokerage firm)

Money market Money market funds (if you write checks) or single mutual fund (to track rate of return)
Cash Management Account Fixed annuities, Treasury bills, Cash management accounts (CMAs)
Checking or savings CDs

Creating new Investment Account

To create a new investment account:

  1. Please select on File-New-New Account menu
  2. Type in account name
  3. Select Investment Account in Accounts Category
  4. Select the brokerage from the list of companies that support transaction downloads
  5. Select Account currency (default is US-USD)
  6. Enter Accounts Initial balance if you know it
  7. Press Ok to save this account

Organizing securities in an investment account

  • Brokerage accounts

As a rule of thumb, you should set up one account for each brokerage statement you receive. So, for example, if you have an investment account for yourself and a joint investment account with your spouse, they should be separate investment accounts in MyMoney.

  • IRAs, 401(k) accounts, or other retirement accounts

Even if you don’t have securities with fluctuating prices in your retirement account, you may want to set it up as an Investment account, since you may change the investments later.

Use separate Investment accounts for your retirement account and for a spouse’s retirement account.

  • Securities you hold directly

If you have a few individual securities that you hold directly, you may want to set up each one as a separate brokerage account; then you can easily reconcile each account with its statement. Or you may want to lump all the securities in a single brokerage account, especially if you have other brokerage accounts; then you can subtotal these securities by Portfolio in reports and track them as a group.

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