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What is 1-Way OFX?

1-Way OFX, also referred to as Active Statements or Web Connect, refers to a simplified subset of a standard OFX specification. This subset was designed by Microsoft using the OFX data specification. It was designed to support a variety of transactions and communications between a financial institution and client to allow Financial Institutions to deliver transaction history (or statement data) from Internet banking websites to their customers.

In 1-Way OFX financial statements are delivered via a file that is created using the OFX data format. The OFX file could be delivered to the user via the financial institution's secure web site. For example, a financial institution web site could include a “Download to Money” button or link on their statement detail web page to allow users to send the information to their Money file.

MyMoney supports both 1-Way OFX as well as a regular OFX specifications.

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