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Changing OFX Protocol parameters

My Money comes with the list of the US and Canadian banks that are accepting OFX connections. However, sometimes it is necessary to change a parameter or two to troubleshoot the connection

OFX AppID and AppVer

OFX uses an AppId and AppVersion to identify the application that is communicating with the OFX server. It is possible to change this information in My Money settings to emulate either Microsoft Money or Quicken behavior.

Historically Microsoft Money used Money as its application id and Quicken normally uses QWIN/QMOFX and QBW as its monikers.

The following table was extracted from publicly available information, see OFX Blog for more examples.

Money Plus Money Plus1700
Money 2007 Money1600
Money 2006 Money1500
Money 2005 Money1400
Money 2004 Money1200
Money 2003 Money1100
Quicken Windows 2008 QWIN 1700
Quicken Windows 2007 QWIN 1600
Quicken Windows 2006 QWIN 1500
Quicken Windows 2005 QWIN 1400
Quicken Mac 2008 QMOFX ??
Quicken Mac 2007 QMOFX 1600
Quicken Mac 2006 QMOFX 1500
Quicken Mac 2005 QMOFX 1400
QuickBooks Windows 2008 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1800
QuickBooks Windows 2007 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1700
QuickBooks Windows 2006 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1600
QuickBooks Windows 2005 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1500

Validating OFX FID, Org and URLs

Generally this information is available through your bank when you sign up for online services. To validate this information you can use a 3rd party OFX directory service, such as OFX Directory and GNU Cash Wiki

OFX Disabled

Many banks do not enable OFX services by default, there are security and business reasons that prompt banks to explicitly request OFX access on any given account. If you see a dialog similar to the screenshot below in My Money it means that you need to contact your bank and have them enable OFX access for your accounts.


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