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Q: Is it possible to export the information from Microsoft Money Essentials? It does not appear to have any export capabilities built in, however I am very interested in switching to your software.

A: In general, if Microsoft Money can export reports into CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, then we can import it.

Here is a typical CSV File generated by Microsoft:

Account Transactions
All Accounts

,1997-04-10,CVS,R,Cash,,Food : Groceries,-5.1700

,1997-04-17,CVS,R,Cash,,Food : Groceries,-2.8900


We basically need only Num, Date,Payee,C,Account,Memo,Category and Amount

We don't need running balances or other extra information that is sometimes generated.

If you can get a report in this format out of any version of Microsoft Money then we will be able to take it in

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