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  • Basic Edition: This affordable edition is for people who primarily interested in cash flow management of personal or business finances. This edition includes a user-friendly interface; the ability to access your bank account and load balance totals and transactions; and the ability to print reports of your finances and related information. MyMoney is an ideal replacement for your paper checkbook and hard copy expense records.

  • Investment Edition: This edition adds sophisticated Portfolio Management capabilities to organize investments, track portfolio performance, and assess a portfolio’s asset mix; Users can track buys, sells, dividends, splits and other transactions within a portfolio for a variety of securities. Performance data can be measured over various time-frames and it allows to graph and print reports. Security price updates can be made automatically via the Internet or updated manually.

Portfolio Analyst

  • Portfolio Analyst has full Portfolio Management capabilities without integrated money management tools. If you don't need to track cash portion of your investments, write checks or run cash flow reporting then Portfolio Analyst is more economical choice

MyMoney Live

  • MyMoney Live is an online financial application distributed through Google Chrome Store, Amazon App Store and few other affiliated App Stores. The app runs in a web browser without requiring any additional downloads and as such it is suitable for mobile and tablet access. Currently not all of the functionality of our desktop apps is available through MyMoney Live but we are working very hard on bringing it up to par with its Mac and Windows counterparts.

See Licensing overview for differences between various types of software licenses

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