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In MyMoney, the term "Financial Instrument" and "Security" are used interchangeably and refer to a fungible, negotiable instrument representing financial value that the user wishes to monitor.

Each security may have an associated ticker symbol. However, the ticker symbol is not always sufficient to uniquely identify the particular security. MyMoney uses a combination of tickers codes and other security identifiers, such as CUSIPs to correctly identify the security and the exchange on which it is traded.

Security Set Up

You can either set up all the securities before you start entering transactions, or set them up “on the fly” while you are entering transactions. To set up a security before you enter any transactions, follow these steps:

  • Switch to Lists Manager and select Securities List
  • Click the Add new link at the Security List Navigator
  • Fill in the Set Up Security dialog

The only required field on the Setup Security screen is the Name, this is what is going to be displayed in Portfolios, Positions, Reports, etc. If this security has an associated ticker or you plan on retrieving the quotes automatically from the Internet please enter it into the Ticker field.

The ticker symbol is a sequence of one to 24 characters that identifies the instrument according to the data service in use. For example, Yahoo is using ^DJI to identify market data for the Dow Jones Industrial Average Signal while DTN.IQ use the ticker symbol $INDU and BMI and DTN use INDU

It is possible to define multiple instruments having the same ticker symbol. For example, the symbol IBM, requested exchange COMP and symbol IBM, requested exchange NYSE, can be defined as distinct instruments. The former will track all trades in IBM; the latter will track only the trades that take place on the New York Stock Exchange.

Resolving Tickers

MyMoney downloads quotes for securities that have been properly setup for Internet downloads (or resolved). Resolved securities carry a small radiating symbol next to their names in various dialogs. To resolve the ticker please select a data source and click on Lookup Symbol button. If the ticker is resolved then the identified instrument will be modified and Ok button will display a radiating symbol indicating that the ticker status, exchange and other information submitted by the data source will be saved.

Advanced Security Identification

Sometimes providing ticker symbols is not enough for proper security resolution. MyMoney supports other security identification schemes, including:

ID Description
CUSIP 9-character alphanumeric code identifies any North American security
ISIN International 12-character alpha-numerical code
SEDOL Identification number for securities issued in the United Kingdom
Options Ticker Ticker symbol for an option contract of the underlying security
Valorennummer Swiss national ISIN code
Wertpapierkennummer German national ISIN code

Quote Normalizer

Sometimes it is necessary to convert downloaded quotes, for example London Stock Exchange quotes most stock prices in British "pence" except the times when it quotes prices in British "pounds". There also cases when this Stock Exchange quotes in Euros. If you want want to convert prices please provide a conversion ratio in a Quote Normalizer field. The conversion takes place per security, so it is possible to apply the conversion selectively.

Deleting Security

You might want to permanently delete a security if you don't own it anymore and want to delete the information from your database.

To delete a security:

  1. Choose Lists Manager > Securities.
  2. Select the security you want to delete and click Delete

If MyMoney determines that you own shares in this security it will prompt you and will not proceed with the delete. If you don't own any share in this security and there are no referencing transaction then MyMoney will permanently delete the security.

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