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Licensing and Upgrading FAQ


All MTH Software Licenses include:

  1. Unlimited customer support over email or support forums
  2. Free bugfix updates
  3. One year subscription, including any major upgrades, free of charges

SINGLE USER LICENSE is provided on a per-user basis. This means that you have to purchase a license for each individual user of My Money. However, there is no limitation on the number of computers where the software is instaled provided that the software is not used concurrently.

FAMILY LICENSE is a single-residence license.These licenses are full licenses simply offered at a lower price as long as the computers are located within the residence. There is no limit on the number of computers where the software is instaled provided and the software can be used concurrently by two users.

Licenses are non-transferable. A person or a company registered as a license user is assumed to be the owner of the license. Once issued, the license may not be transferred to another user or re-registered to another username. A company can allocate and deallocate company licenses to employees as needed.

How does the license work?

Each license is associated with a unique key-code registered under your user name that allows you to access the software.

What are the evaluation license restrictions?

An evaluation license is designed for a 60-day trial of the software. You can only use the software for testing purposes during your trial.

What does your "per concurrent user" licensing mean?

A single license permits the use of software by a single user at a time. For multiple concurrent sessions you must purchase multiple licenses.

Can I use My Money with the same license at work and at home?

A licensed user can run My Money on different computers, regardless of location, provided that My Money is not run concurrently on more than one computer. For example, you can run My Money on your workstation at the office, OR on your laptop at home. But if you bring your laptop to the office, you may NOT run My Money on both your laptop AND your workstation at the same time.

My company will have multiple users using My Money. Should we license My Money to each user personally?

If you are purchasing My Money for a company, you should register all your licenses in the company name. That way, no personal registration is required and any employee or contractor can use one of your company-registered licenses. See also: Can we continue using the license of a user who is no longer with our company?.

Can I transfer my license?

No. Use of the software is restricted to a licensed customer with no right to transfer. Companies and organizations can only move their licenses between employees and contractors.

Can I run My Money on different operating systems with the same license?

You can run My Money on different operating systems with the same license, providing that it's not concurrently used. See also: Can I use My Money with the same license at work and at home?

Can we continue using the license of a user who is no longer with our company?

A license registered under a company's name is the property of the company and can be used by any of its employees or contractors. See also: My company will have multiple users using My Money...

Do you apply cumulative pricing to volume purchases?

No, each license order is transactional. Orders for 5 or more licenses qualify for volume discounts. To learn more, please contact us

We are a non-commercial organization. Do we qualify for a free license?

We offer free, community license to certain organizations whose purpose is to make the world a better place:

Community licenses are designed for organizations which are:

  • non-profit,
  • non-government,
  • non-academic,
  • non-commercial,
  • non-political and
  • secular

If your organization is philanthropic in nature then you probably qualify.

Open Source Licenses

MTH Software supports and believes in the Open Source movement - MyMoney utilizes a number of good Open Source components, and MTH developers are committers on a large number of Open Source projects.

To give back to the open source community (and hopefully improve the financial management of those projects!), MyMoney is free for any Open Source project to use.

There are a few requirements for an Open Source license, the main ones being:

  • Established code base
  • Publicly available project website
  • Using an approved open source license
  • Your link back to MTH Software will be publicly accessible

Do I need to renew my My Money license?

Your license is perpetual to the purchased My Money version. No renewal is required.

How often should I upgrade my My Money license?

Upgrades are optional and they are 20% off the full license price.

An initial purchase of My Money includes a one year subscription to My Money, and may optionally be renewed yearly at 20% discount of the full price at the time of renewal.

Subscription/Support/Maintenance Agreement:

  1. Price is 20% discount of the full license price.
  2. Includes support
  3. Includes bug fixes and maintenance releases
  4. Includes major upgrades
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