How to bypass Reports parameters validation

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Bypassing Reports Parameters Validation

By default all custom reports have their parameters validated before sent into reporting engine, this ensures that the report will receive proper accounts, categories, payees etc that it need to run.

On some older systems, this validation logic is broken. What is causing it is unclear, it is somewhat of a mystery.

To workaround this situation you can do the following:

1. Start up My Money

2. Please use the Menu View-Show Console

3. In the console, at the prompt please type SwingMoneyView.singleInstance.getEnvironment().setProperty( Constants.Config.DISABLE_DIALOG_VALIDATION, "1");

4. Press enter

your prompt should look like the following

money.bsh% SwingMoneyView.singleInstance.getEnvironment().setProperty( Constants.Config.DISABLE_DIALOG_VALIDATION, "1");
money.bsh% print(SwingMoneyView.singleInstance.getEnvironment().getProperty( Constants.Config.DISABLE_DIALOG_VALIDATION));

5. Please start the Custom Reports dialog, Ok button should be enabled

6. Please pass down to the report proper parameters, otherwise report will not function properly and you may see errors.

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